Participated in Korea's Largest Display Special Exhibition '2019 IMID'

24 Mar 2021
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In August, FlexiGO participated in a special exhibition hosted by 'IMID 2019', an international Display Society.

The IMID Special Exhibition is an exhibition attended by a large number of major researchers working in the display industry at home and abroad, and participation in the exhibition gave us a great opportunity to improve the brand image, promote and develop a network of acquaintances.

With the release of foldable phones this year, interest in new concept two-way folding equipment, beyond one-way folding, has increased. Thus, we exhibited and demonstrated the newly developed equipment 'FOLDY-200' (a 360-degree, two-way folding durability testing equipment).

Through active equipment demonstration and promotion, we succeeded in raising the audience's understanding of the equipment and in drawing their attention. Therefore, we were able to promote the company and the equipment with a lot of attention.

FlexiGO, as a company specializing in testing equipment for commercializing next generation flexible display products such as foldables and rollables, will continue to widen the technological gap with newcomers in Chinese-speaking countries such as China and Taiwan. Furthermore, FlexiGO will faithfully lead the international standardization of evaluation technology and grow into the company that contributes to the development of the ailing display market.

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