Flexigo Co., Ltd. to exhibit display inspection equipment, etc. at IMID 2021

In order to produce a display, various operations or processes such as deposition, etching, and exposure are required. This includes evaluating and inspecting the finished display, which is an essential process in display manufacturing.

Domestic companies are focusing their efforts on developing display evaluation and inspection equipment, and the 'Korea Display Exhibition (IMID 2021), held at COEX in Samseong-dong, Seoul on the 25th, was it was a seat

Display evaluation equipment, standardized design to verify durability and reliability

FlexiGO, a manufacturer of equipment that inspects flexible display panels, materials, and parts, demonstrated equipment to evaluate the mechanical durability and reliability of flexible displays at this exhibition.

This product is used for evaluation of folding, rolling, and sliding of flexible displays, and by setting certain conditions, it is possible to check the wear and tear of the display in a specific environment.

Lee Ki-yong, CEO of the company, said, “Existing equipment was evaluated by repeating the process of simply folding and unfolding the display. explained.

Currently, Flexigo is supplying equipment not only to domestic display companies but also to overseas display companies such as the US and China with these features.

CEO Lee predicted the future display market and said that he is developing stretchable and twistable display evaluation equipment that will follow the flexible display.

He said, “As the next-generation display market grows, stretchable and twistable displays will be commercialized in the near future.

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