FlexiGO, rollable/slidable panel evaluation equipment development

Flexible display panel evaluation equipment maker Flexigo has developed rollable and slideable panel evaluation equipment. Following the 'Foldy' series, the existing foldable panel evaluation equipment, the product range has been expanded.

Lee Ki-yong, CEO of Flexigo, said on the 24th, "We have completed the development of rollable and slideable panel evaluation equipment. The name of the equipment developed this time is 'Rolly&Slidy' series.

The Foldy and Lolly & Slide series inspect whether or not cracks occur and durability of the panel when folding and unfolding the foldable panel and when rolling or stretching the rollable/slidable panel. The company explained that it is possible to inspect the durability of the panel itself by not applying external forces such as tensile or compressive stress to the panel during the evaluation process. It was also named 'Stress Free' technology, meaning that it eliminated the stress that the equipment gave to the panel.

Flexigo expanded its product line by developing rollable and slideable panel evaluation equipment this time. Foldable panel evaluation equipment, the company's main equipment, has already been supplied to Apple and others. Following the foldable panel evaluation equipment, it is also expected to supply rollable and slideable panel evaluation equipment.

In the foldable product market, Samsung Electronics and Chinese smartphone makers have already entered the market, and Apple is highly likely to participate in the war in 2023. Foldable panel applications can also be expanded from the current smartphone-centric to IT products such as laptops. Flexigo expects to win new equipment orders worth between 2 billion and 3 billion won in the second half of this year.

Flexigo's long-term goal is to 'standardize the evaluation of flexible displays'. The company's plan is to lead this market by presenting durability evaluation standards for various form factor products of flexible flexible organic light emitting diode (OLED) panels using polyimide (PI) substrates. This is because it is highly likely that finished product makers, panel makers, and parts/material makers will all apply the same standards when evaluating new form factor panels.

Flexigo also plans to develop stretchable and twistable panel evaluation equipment by next year. The company is currently working on government projects with LG Display and Samsung Display.

Flexigo shipped folding durable equipment to Iljin Display in 2017 when it established a corporation. Since then, it has supplied equipment to major domestic and foreign companies such as Samsung Display and LG Display, Apple and China's BOE. The company's sales target is 10 billion won next year, 100 billion won in 2024, and more than 200 billion won in 2026. The initial public offering (IPO) was originally planned for 2023, but due to some setbacks last year and this year due to COVID-19, the target date has been pushed to 2026.

Flexigo CEO Ki-yong Lee holds 75% of the shares, and Wonik Investment Partners holds 25%. Wonik Investment Partners invested 1 billion won in Flexigo in 2018. The head office is located in Cheonan, Chungcheongnam-do. There are 23 employees. The company name FlexiGo is a compound word of 'Flexible' and the English word 'Go', which means moving forward.

Source: The Elec (http://www.thelec.kr), a media specialized in electronic parts

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