Flexigo, a company specializing in flexible display durability evaluation equipment, participates in IMID 2021

Flexigo Co., Ltd. (CEO Ki-yong Lee) will participate in 'IMID 2021 (Korea Display Industry Exhibition)' held at COEX Hall C in Seoul for three days from August 25 (Wed) to 27 (Fri).

Flexigo is a specialized equipment manufacturing company that evaluates and inspects the mechanical durability and environmental reliability of materials, panels, modules, and instruments essential for R&D and commercialization of flexible displays for commercialization of next-generation IT products such as foldable, rollable, and slideable.

Flexigo has completed the development of the 'Foldy' series, a folding durability evaluation facility, and the 'Rolly&Slidy' series, a rolling and sliding durability evaluation facility, and is supplying them to global leading companies. In addition, it is known that evaluation inspection facilities that have been selected for a government-supported project and can contribute to R&D and commercialization of next-generation products such as Twistable and Stretchable are being developed.

The 'Foldy' series, a folding durability evaluation facility, uses Flexigo's unique 'stress-free' folding mechanism to evaluate the durability in a state where no external stress is applied to the sample during the test.

The 'Rolly&Slidy' series, a rolling and sliding durability evaluation facility, is applied with a 'tension-controlled' rolling technology that minimizes the tension applied to the sample and maintains it uniformly and stably to maintain the flatness of the sample during testing. It is a great advantage that the physical properties of the evaluation object can be evaluated reliably and reproducibly with the 'stress-free' sliding technology that can evaluate the pure durability of the evaluation object without any external stress applied to the sample.

In addition, it is a compact facility that can perform durability evaluation such as folding, rolling, and sliding in a room temperature atmosphere without the need for separate setup.

Flexigo Co., Ltd. developed the world's first original Folding/Rolling/Sliding technology and described patent application and registration. In addition, we have developed and registered a patent for the world's first thermo-hygrostat optimized for evaluation of mechanical durability.

It is possible to form a compact constant temperature and humidity atmosphere optimized for folding, rolling, and sliding evaluation, and it is possible to fundamentally remove dew/moisture that occurs under constant temperature and humidity conditions. In addition, a precision motor or a sensor for measurement is installed outside the constant temperature and humidity chamber to ensure durability. In addition, it is possible to maximize facility use efficiency through various tests using Flexigo's facilities. Through the automatic detection/measurement system essential for R&D and commercialization, it is possible to evaluate the physical/electrical properties of samples during or after testing with various automatic detection/measurement functions. It is user-friendly based on PC control with software customized for customers and products, and user convenience and evaluation efficiency can be improved with an intuitive UI.

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