[Electronics Startup] 'Even Apple Loves It ' FlexiGO Supplies Foldable Panel Testing Equipment

FlexiGO, a flexible display testing equipment company, made an announcement on the 11th that it has secured technology for testing rollable and slidable panels.

FlexiGO is an equipment manufacturer that tests the durability of flexible Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLED) display panels. The company's equipment tests the durability and whether cracks occur when folding and unfolding panels such as foldable displays.

Recently, it applied for a patent for testing equipment for rollable and slidable panels. The company's goal is to build a portfolio of foldable, rollable, and slidable products. The names of the equipment series that test rollable and slidable panels are 'Rolly' and 'Slidy.' Along with the commercialization of next generation display such as rollables in the future, we can expect this company to generate revenue. Its long-term goal is the 'Standardization of Flexible Display Evaluation.'

FlexiGO has already released 'Foldy' series that evaluate foldable panels. In 2018, it released Foldy-100, and in the past year, it released Foldy-200, which can check 360 degrees folding durability.

The Foldy series test panels in different environments, including high and low temperatures and high humidity. FlexiGO said that during the evaluation process, the company's equipment does not apply external forces such as tensile and compressive stress to the panel, so it can test the durability of the panel itself, the subject of evaluation. The company calls it 'Stress Free Folding' technology, meaning that it eliminates the stress of the equipment on panels. In the case of existing foldable phones, it can be applied to both 'infolding' method that folds panels inward and 'outfolding' method that folds outward.

FlexiGO shipped folding durability equipment to Iljin Display in 2017 when it established a corporation. Since then, it has also supplied its equipment to major domestic and foreign companies such as U.S. Apple and China's BOE.

Lee Ki-Yong, CEO of FlexiGO, had served as the project leader and research commissioner at Samsung SDI and Samsung Display. He has won the Samsung Proud People Awards Technology Excellence Award in 2006.

The company's sales goal for this year is 5 billion won. It is planning to achieve 10 billion won in sales by 2022 and push ahead with IOP in 2023. In 2018, it attracted 1 billion won in investment from Wonik Investment Partners.

Its headquarters is located in Cheonan, Chungcheongnam-do Province. It has offices in Beijing and Chengdu, China. The number of employees is 18. The company began developing durability testing equipment in Sangmyung University business incubation center in 2016 and established FlexiGO Corporation in 2017, the following year. The company name FlexiGO is a combination of 'Flexible' and the English word 'Go,' which means 'progress.' The logo symbolizes folding, sliding, and rolling.

Source: The Elec, Electronics Industry Media (http://www.thelec.kr)

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