[Today's CEO] Lee Ki-Yong, CEO of FlexiGO

"There is no specialized testing equipment in the foldable display market. I will dig through this gap. We are going to make winning moves with equipment that can improve the level of completion of next-generation displays such as foldables and rollables."

Flexigo CEO Lee Ki-Yong participated in developing foldable displays at Samsung Display before starting the company. He is an expert in this field. He has accumulated the know-how by researching and developing various technologies needed for foldable displays.

While developing foldable technology, CEO Lee maintained his focus on the fact that there is no specialized testing equipment that exist. He realized that although there are test equipment that fold and unfold panels, they do not properly reflect various user environments such as high and low temperature, and as well as high humidity.

FlexiGO's 'Foldy Series' equipment reflected this requirement. It solved the problem of additional stress on the panels due to the equipment, when only the panel needs to be tested. Lee called it 'Stress-Free Folding' technology.

CEO Lee said, "In the test process, tensile stress and compression stress are applied to the part where the panel folds, with the testing equipment causing stress on it. So it greatly affects the durability testing. FlexiGO equipment has implemented Stress-Free Folding technology that solves this problem."

He designed a round-shaped chamber for constant temperature and humidity evaluation. When evaluating the constant temperature and humidity functions in a round chamber, droplets of water flow down the side and do not affect the product. He carefully designed the chamber by applying heat wires to the outside of the chamber to prevent condensation outside the chamber when conducting low temperature tests.

It is also equipped with a colorimeter that measures brightness and chromaticity, and a function that automatically inspects surface and curves by taking pictures with a camera. It eliminated the hassle of developers having to be present with testing equipment on time.

FlexiGO is introducing the Foldy series to domestic and foreign companies. It is preparing collaboration with various companies that are preparing foldable products such as panels, materials, and parts.

The company is planning to develop products that can evaluate new technologies such as rollables as well as foldables.

"We expect foldable displays to create new markets in the future," CEO Lee said. "We want to expand the market by supplying professional testing equipment so that various companies preparing to enter this field can improve technology completion levels," he spoke of his aspiration.

Source: Electronic Times (http://www.etnews.com/20181019000221)

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