Company Occupied in Sangmyung University Business Incubation Center  Attracted 1 Billion Won in Investment

A company occupied in Sangmyung University Business Incubation Center (Head of Center: Park, Sang-soon; hereafter referred to as Sangmyung University BI) has succeeded in attracting 1 billion won in investment.

According to Sangmyung University BI on the 2nd, FlexiGO Inc. (CEO Lee Ki-Yong; see photo) made an agreement with Wonik Investment Partners last month to attract 1 billion won in investment. FlexiGO's investment attraction was prompted by the '2017 Investment Education for Promising Companies and IR Demonstration' held at Chungnam Techno Park in December last year. FlexiGO participated in the first IR demonstration and was offered investments from various investors. Since January, it has been negotiating with Wonik Investment Partners to attract investment and that has come to fruition. FlexiGO, which established a corporation in June last year, is a promising venture company that leads the standardization of next generation flexible display evaluation.

FlexiGO first shipped its flexible display durability testing equipment to a domestic display-related company in November last year. The equipment that has FlexiGO's patented technology is an equipment that can evaluate the durability of pure subject without applying external forces into it. FlexiGO is also developing new flexible equipment that is scheduled to be completed in June this year. FlexiGO's investment attraction is based on its solid technology in the flexible field, which is a promising display for the next-generation.

"FlexiGO has achieved great results at a time when it is not easy for local startups to attract investment," said Park Sang-soon, head of the BI Center at Sangmyung University.

Lee Ki-Yong, CEO of FlexiGO, said, "We will promote overseas market development such as in China and Japan this year and hire new employees up to five with the investment attraction as a stepping stone."

(Source: Daejeon Ilbo )

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