Flexigo to introduce ‘Stretcher’, a reliability evaluation equipment for stretchable displays at K-Display 2022

[Details of stretcher display reliability evaluation equipment ‘Stretcher’]

Flexigo Co., Ltd. (CEO Ki-yong Lee) participated in 'K-Display 2022 (Korea Display Industry Exhibition)' held at COEX in Seoul for three days from August 10 (Wed) to 12 (Fri). Flexigo is a specialized manufacturer of equipment for evaluation and inspection of mechanical durability and environmental reliability of materials, panels, modules, and instruments for commercialization of next-generation IT products such as foldable, rollable, and slideable products. We have developed the ‘Foldy’ series, a folding durability evaluation facility, and the ‘Rolly&Slidy’ series, a rolling and sliding durability evaluation facility, and are supplying them to global leading companies.

In this exhibition, the stretchable display reliability evaluation equipment ‘Stretcher’ was mainly introduced. This is a stretching facility that can evaluate and inspect stretchable displays. Unlike the basic evaluation equipment, quantitative elongation is measured and the stress-strain curve and mechanical properties of the object to be evaluated are measured. is provided, the official explained. In addition, the automatic inspection function can precisely measure the degree of bending deformation of the folded part of the foldable display. In addition, the mechanical durability has been improved, and it can be evaluated simultaneously under constant temperature and constant humidity conditions such as low temperature, high temperature, and high humidity. In particular, in the case of a vehicle display, it has environmental reliability that can evaluate up to 105 degrees of image.

[Ki-yong Lee, CEO of FlexiGO Inc. │촬영-에이빙뉴스]

In addition, Flashgo has facilities to evaluate Samsung's next-generation foldable display, such as multi-folding and hybrid-type folding slides. An official from Flexigo said, "We participated in this exhibition to propose a standardized evaluation facility to help various companies develop products with flexible displays."

He continued, “Currently, we are developing and supplying equipment to not only Korea but also Huawei, Tienma, BOE, CSOT, and Apple and Microsoft in China, and we expect that the demand for evaluation equipment will increase as the display market grows. told

Meanwhile, this exhibition, which marks its 21st anniversary this year, is the largest display industry exhibition in Korea where you can check the latest display technologies and trends under the slogan of ‘Everything is Display-able!’. Hosted and supervised by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy and the Korea Display Industry Association, K-Display 2022 consists of a theme hall (experience zone and media zone), a conference for inviting domestic and foreign buyers, a job fair, a new technology/new product presentation (on-site seminar), and a business forum.

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