Qualified Employee of the Company 

Don’t be Rigid!
Be Flexible!

Universally Valid Thinking Constant Challenge Positive and Creative Autonomous Talent withSense of Ownership! Practicing Communication/Kindness/Consideration Never Giving Up onDreams and Passion

Recruitment Guide 

FlexiGO Inc. is openly hiring talented people with creative and challenging attitudes
year-round to grow into a company specializing in flexible display testing equipment.

Employment Field  

Recruitment Field
Qualification Requirements and Preferred Qualities
Assembling equipment,
set-up, maintenance of equipment

Graduate-to-be from the relevant majors and those who have experience for more than 3 years.

Those who are eligible for overseas business trip

Those with relevant certificates/licenses are preferred

Software development and maintenance
Equipment Design and R&D

Documents for Submission 
  • Job Application Form and Cover Letter
  • Certificate of Working Experience, Certificate of Graduation,
    Transcript, Photocopies of Certificates/Licenses (not required by all applicants)

Recruitment Guide 

How to Apply

  • Fill out free form and apply through email
  • Email :
  • For Inquiries : +82-41-622-8689

Employment Schedule

Employee Benefits 

Implementation of 'Great Work Place (GWP)' through continuous benefits improvement

Work System
  • 4.5-day work week: Leaving work early on friday when work is completed.
  • Flexible Schedule: Starting work between 8 a.m. and 10 a.m.
  • Support wage subsidies for youth employment
Premium and Benefit Sharing System
  • Holiday bonus
  • PI (Productivity Incentive)
  • PS (Profit Sharing)
  • Good conduct award, Achievement award, Invention award, Year-end contribution award
Vacation and Education System
  • Annual/Monthly Leave
  • Open vacation throughout the year
  • Compulsory education
  • Job/Competence training
Other Benefits
  • 4 Compulsory social insurances + Group accident Insurance
  • Retirement pension
  • Rewards for Long-term employed persons
  • Medical examination
  • Financial aid for school Expenses

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